about reggio emilia method


Children need freedom to fully use their senses, hands, eyes and ears. Freedom, which will enable them to make full use of materials, sounds and colors.

The child is the protagonist, a complete student, ready to learn and explore the world

A child grows and develelops at best through collaboration, education should be a process of collaboration between children and adults. This helps to solve problems, make decisions, develop the immagination or create innovation.

A child has hundred languages communicating through words, movements, drawing, collage, music and many other different ways to express their experience and knowledge which must be appreciated by adults.

Surrounding area should make children think, stimulate their imagination, sustain interest, enable socialization, contact with nature and culture.

The teacher is an observer and listener, in order to ensure that the activities are consistent and in line with children’s interests. A teacher is a partner who helps in solving problems or doubts.

Parents are instead partners to the teacher in this educational path


Corner of artistic expression where children have access to various types of paints and equipment for painting both classic such as paintbrushes of different size, as well as out of the box items such as wigs, combs, cotton swabs, toothbrushes, pasta shapes, etc.

Corner of block construction that are very important element of the Reggio approach class and for this reason it represents the biggest corner in our Methods.

Reading corner represents a very soft corner with pillows where children can always go and rest or read in silence. We encourage children to bring their favourite books from home.

Corner „house” can be modified in various ways and contains elements that can be found at each home such as vases, cups, plates, cutlery and kitchen utensils used for cooking.

Corner for writing and creation where children have a variety of tools for writing, drawing such as pens, crayons, pensils, markers and anything that can be useful for this purpose.

Corner of light, where children have the opportunity to play with the projector.